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Presented by @nigel_charman
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Concordion is a test runner
for executable specifications
that creates beautiful living documentation

Use cases

  1. Consolidating specification and checks of key scenarios (SBE/BDD/ATDD)
  2. Improving documentation of your automated tests
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Apache 2.0 License
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Concordion Cucumber
Grammar Plain English Gherkinglish
Input Format Markdown, HTML, Excel Text
Publishes doc with tests Completely flexible Limited
Embed screenshots, logs in output Extensible Limited
Instrumentation In specification Regexp in code
Languages Java, Groovy, C# * 13+ languages

* C# only supports HTML input currently

How it works

how it works image



storyboard image screenshot image logging tooltip image log viewer image

Excel, Parallel Runner,
Storyboard, Screenshot,
Logging Tooltip, Log Viewer
and more...

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