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Concordion is a test runner
for executable specifications
that creates beautiful living documentation

Use cases

  1. Integrating specification and checking of key scenarios (SBE/BDD/ATDD)
  2. Creating great documentation of your automated checks
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How it works

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What's new in 2.0?

Markdown support

Markdown is a simple, natural format for creating rich text:

                ## This is a H2

                This is a paragraph

                * This is a
                * bullet point list

                This is an [example](example.html "Title") link

                | Table | Heading |
                | ----- | ------- |
                | Table | Row 1   |
                | Table | Row 2   |

Markdown commands

Set [Jane Smith](- '#name')
Execute [broken](- '#result = split(#name)')
Assert Equals [Jane](- '?=#result.firstName')

when previewed...
preview showing concordion commands when you hover over markdown links

Execute on a table

    | [split][][Full Name][full] | [First][first] | [Last][last] |
    | -------------------------- | -------------- | ------------ |
    | John Smith                 | John           | Smith        |
    | David Peterson             | David          | Peterson     |

    [split]: - "#result = split(#fullName)"
    [full]:  - "#fullName"
    [first]: - "?=#result.firstName"
    [last]:  - "?=#result.lastName"

Verify Rows

|[_check GST_][][Sub Total][]|[GST][]|
| -------------------------- | ----: |
|                         100|     15|
|                         500|     75|
|                          20|      2|

[_check GST_]: - "c:verifyRows=#detail:getInvoiceDetails()"
[Sub Total]:   - "?=#detail.subTotal"
[GST]:         - "?=#detail.gst"

Run another spec

[Shipping](shipping.html "c:run")


[Shipping]( "c:run")

You can run HTML specs from Markdown and vice versa


### [Basic Example](- "basic")

The full name [Jane Smith](- "#name") 
is [broken](- "#result = split(#name)") 
into first name [Jane](- "?=#result.firstName") 
and last name [Smith](- "?=#result.lastName").
when run...
screenshot showing JUnit test called basic

Scoped Fields

Fields are now reset for each example (similar to JUnit).

If you want to keep field for whole specification:

private ScopedObjectHolder<Browser> browserHolder = new ScopedObjectHolder<Browser>() {
    public Browser create() {
        Browser browser = new Browser();
        extension.setScreenshotTaker(new SeleniumScreenshotTaker(browser));
        return browser;

    protected void destroy(Browser browser) {

See concordion-scope-examples project for examples.

Markdown Editors

Markdown can be created/edited with all sorts of tools:

  • Github, Bitbucket, etc
  • Mindmapping tools - eg. MindMup
  • IDEs - eg. Eclipse, IDEA
  • Editors - eg. Notepad++, Sublime

Updated IntelliJ IDEA Plugin

animated gif showing intellij plugin support

IntelliJ IDEA

Concordion Support plugin

Surround with Concordion command Alt - Enter
Create method from usage Alt - Enter
Auto complete method and variable names Ctrl - space
Go to declaration Ctrl - left-click
Navigate spec <-> fixture Ctrl - Shift - s
Run tests (from spec or fixture) Ctrl - Shift - F10

HTML only

Find usages Ctrl - F7
Rename Shift - F6



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Excel, Parallel Runner,
Storyboard, Screenshot,
Logging Tooltip, Log Viewer
and more...

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