Enhancing Concordion with flexible features

This page introduces the extensions for Java. Click the toggle buttons above to choose other options.

Concordion includes a flexible extension mechanism for adding functionality, for example implementing new commands, listening to events, or modifying the output documentation. It’s simple to write your own extension, or use one of the following:

Alternate Specification Types

Excel Star

write your specifications in Excel


Parallel Run Star

runs specifications in parallel

Documentation Enhancers

Storyboard Star

embeds a card sequence with screenshots or data

Screenshot Star

embeds screenshots on failure or on demand

Logging Tooltip Star

adds logging information as tooltips

Logback Star

adds logging tooltips and a log file viewer, with a unique log per test

Run Totals Star

shows number of child tests passing and failing

Timing Star

shows time taken per example

Input Style Star

adds CSS styling for input elements

Collapse Output Star

makes sections of the documentation collapsible

Example of footer with timestamp formatted
Star Timestamp Formatter

shows duration in hour, min, sec rather than milliseconds

Star Exception Translator

modifies exception message text

Star Status Info

Adds custom info to an example with a status

Additional Commands

Embed Star

embeds HTML in the documentation

Execute only if Star

conditionally executes child commands

See also the Cubano framework which integrates Concordion with a number of Concordion extensions, Selenium WebDriver and other open-source projects to provide a ready-made framework for web and API testing.

Note: Additional contributions are welcome. Please get in touch on the concordion-dev list.